Test season begins

Rock had a successful spring campaign. He ran just abot every weekend from Mid April until the end of June. He was nearly perfect in the APLA and AKC . He only failed one APLA Master test and one AKC Master test. The AKC test he failed while trying to perform with tracheobronchitis. By 15 months of age, Rock was a 2X GMPR and SH. He had also gotten one pass in AKC Master. He is a truly talented dog. This week he starts his APLA campaign back up looking to become the youngest 4X GMPR in the history of the organization. He will head to Minnesota this week, back to Missouri in two weeks, and will then finish in Oklahoma if needed. After that, he will go to North Dakota and pheasant hunt for a week. We will give him some time off, and he will head to Justin Jackson of Texoma Retrievers in Oklahome to finish his AKC MH title, try to obtain an HRCH title with the UKC, and hopefully qualify for Master National with the AKC.

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