Our future stud dog, Rock, took off in his training. I did all of his yard work and started his field work as a puppy. He has totally exceeded our expectations. Talk about trainable. By 10 1/2 months, he was running 150-200 yard marks and running cold blinds without any factors or diversions out to 200 yards. It was pretty incredible to be a part of. We had gotten his obedience, force fetch, collar conditioning, handling work, and early transition work done. Quite simply, I ran out of things to do with him here. We decided to go ahead and send him to Mike and John at K&L Kennels a month early. Hopefully if the weather falls right and the water opens up, Mike can get his swim by and handling work done on water early this Spring. We are hoping to get him running Master level testing in the APLA and Senior Hunter level testing in the AKC during the Spring test season. Crazy for a pup that isn't even one year of age.

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