Sad Day

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our beloved yellow lab Boo. She had to be put down yesterday after being diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma several weeks ago. She was starting to suffer over the weekend, and we couldn't let it go on any longer. She was wagging her tail to the very end. Once she was gone, I think that was the only time her tail was ever still. I can't express to everyone how great a dog she was. We shot a lot of birds over her and behind her in both the upland and in the duck blind. We didn't lose many birds when she was around. I can't recall ever losing a cripple with her. I have personally never seen a dog with more drive and passion to hunt. She will be dearly missed she was a great one. I guarantee there will be lots of Boo stories told over frosty beverages next year on the annual North Dakota trip. We will miss you. Will shoot a few just for you.

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