Our Dogs

4XGMPR TGK Nala's Right Stuff Winifred SH (Winnie)

After losing my nearly 14 year old first lab, Freddie.  I started to look for my next lab puppy. Following extensive pedigree and pointing lab research, I decided on a yellow female that I purchased from my good friend, Aaron Stover, at TGK's Nebraska Pointing Labs.  Our journey started from there.


I trained Winnie without difficulty doing her basic obedience, force fetch, collar conditioning, force to pile, whoa breaking, T work, handling and whistle training.  In October of 2011, she participated in her first hunt test at the age of nine months, passing CPR in the APLA.  When finished with the upland portion of the test, the gunner proclaimed that she had pointed with the most style that he had seen that day.


That summer, I turned her training over to Mike Lettau at K&L Kennels in Higginsville, MO.  Mike was kind enough to do her swim by work and got her steady to wing and shot.  He also began more advanced marks and advanced blind retrieves with her.  Under Mike's tutelage, Winnie became a 4XGMPR in the APLA, the organizations highest honor, and a SH with the AKC.  Mike and Winnie went an incredible 16/19  in all her hunt tests she ran in for a pass rate of 84%.  She was 5/5 in the AKC SH and 8/11 in APLA Master testing, including a 100% pass rate when she went to the upland series of the test.


Winnie has truly been a remarkable dog and will be an outstanding foundation female for us.  She is one of the nicest dogs you'll ever be around.  Her temperment is incredible, with a great on/off switch.  She has never been hyper and is a true family dog in the home, great with kids and adults alike.  Winnie is terrific inside but when it's time to hunt or train is a machine.  She has a great nose, pointing the first bird we ever put her on at 11 weeks of age.  Her prey drive is strong, but she will sit calmly knowing her role in the duck blind.  She is truly the dog of a lifetime.














4XGMPR NCK's Rock Chalk Jayhawk of TGK MH (Rock)

We recently went on a search for our first stud dog.  Once again, we turned to our friend Aaron Stover at TGK Pointing Labs in Nebraska.  He had a litter of pups out of his GMPR female, Kiera.  I had the priviledge of hunting wild pheasants with her in North Dakota and came away impressed.  He had paired her with a Field Trial Stud named Porter.  Porter has done everything a labrador can do.  He is a 4XGMPR in the APLA, a MH in the AKC, and is Qualified All Age in field trials.  It was a perfect pairing bringing natural point and retrieving skills together.  Exactly what we were looking for.  Plus, as an added bonus, he would be tri-factored, meaning, he would have the genetics to throw all three colors of pups.  We put a deposit down and have been throughly impressed since.


Rock has been tremendous since the day we brought him home.  He was easily trainable and his natural point came out quickly.  I took him through his basic obedience, force fetch, collar conditioning, pile work, handling, and started his transition work.  He progressed through everything easily and quite fast.  He was doing basic marks out to 150-200 yards and basic cold blinds out to 200 yards by 10 1/2 months of age.  I quickly ran out of things for him to do.  We decided to turn him over to Mike at K&L Kennels in Higginsville, MO a month early. 


 In the last year, he became the youngest 4X GMPR in the history of the APLA finishing up his 4X title at 19 months of age.  It was a truly incredible feat.  He is now with Justin Jackson at Texoma Retrievers in Oklahoma. This spring Rock finished his MH title at 26 months of age.  Again, pretty remarkable for such a young dog.  Along with the MH title, he also became qualified for Master Nationals, which he will run this fall in St. Louis.  Rock will be available for stud the summer of 2016 pending health clearances.